Teesha litter Born Dec 22, 2011 
Teesha in labor 1st puppy
Teesha resting between puppies
Helping Teesha with her delivery
Teesha cleaning her puppy
Few hours later with her 6 puppies
Proud Mommy of 4 girls and 2 males  only a couple of hours old
Teesha went into delivery in the morning she had 11 puppies. We lost 5 of them it was hard on all of us. She has a nice amount to take care of. We are feeding also to make sure they grow well. This is her 4th and last litter these babies will be going to good homes...
The litter was a few days early and we lost 1 more we only have 5 little rotti's left this has been very sad. It is natures way of doing what it has to do but we are grieving the loss of these little guys
We are 1 week old today dec 28th We are growing
Teesha snuggles with her son
Just give me my milk momma
I Love to be by mom
We love to sleep together
Full bellies and sleeping
Teesha snuggles with her baby girl
Tondrin Daddy cleaning his little boy
I just like sleeping on my back
Little boy is growing
Teesha's clan eating all at once
Puppies 3 weeks old
Look how fat i am getting
I am just plain full
Our eyes are open
So this is what my sister looks like
We are moving alot now
Eating our first babyfood 1-14-2012
Biting my brothers ear.
Teesha wanting to play
I am going on 5 weeks
Our bellies are full
We are growing fast
We are sharing our first meal
Zoie loves to beheld
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Zoie gets her new home with her family 2-13-2012
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Maximus gets his new family 2-12-2012
Now this is too darn cute....
I wonder who fell asleep first..