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Wee-Man a puppy we kept 2010 litter. We fed him with an eyedropper to keep him alive. He is a survivor....
Lizzy finds a new home
Lizzy at 4 1/2 months
Wee is not so wee anymore !! 4 1/2 months.. I love my peanut butter...
Tondrin loves to make puppies.. I am available for stud service

                                 Chardon, Ohio

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The clan greets us when we come home left to right Wee-man from (last litter) Bella (1st litter) 
Tondrin is Daddy (big guy) Teesha is Mommy (far right)
Weeman is 1 year old and getting bigger than his Daddy He has his filling out to do yet.
Tondrin after making babies he is wore out
 Tondrin I am king of my mountain
Bella and WeeMan brother and sister
from Tondrins &Teesha litter's
Teesha & Tondrins litter born Feb 6 2011
Teesha sleeping with her babies
10 little rotti's
Mia & Summer my grandaughters puppies 7 weeks old
Litter is 2 1/2 weeks old eyes just opened
Relaxed in my arms
My grandaughter loves the rotti's
Ryan is spoiling this little guy
Broch  male from litter of 2010
weemans brother
Getting my first bath before I go to my new home.
Mom, we just want some milk....
They love their Uncle Ryan
Kris & Dan came all the way from Michigan. Maxine went to their heart
Alecia & Russell met Teesha when she was 6 months old. We wanted a puppy from her so here we are Fiona was added to their family.
Scott seen a dog from another litter so they came and wanted a puppy of their own. Dozer has a new home
Marsha came from Wellsville, Ohio has Midas
Nancy & Jeremy added Katie to their family.
Kristina took Kuma to her new home
Joey had puppies all over
Tonya & Derek added a newbaby girl to their family
Tondrin lookng in Kitchen window
Tondrin loves the snow mound
Tondrin 1 year old still got to fill out
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Cash is 8 months old lives with sister Harley Hope
Cash comes to visit Teesha/Tondrin and Grandma (me)
cash at 10 weeks old.
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Dozer 9 months old
Dozer looks like his brother Weeman
Kuma Relaxing with daddy 10 months old
Kuma I look like my brother & sisters
Midas with cousin Andrea June at 4 months
Midas first Christmas Picture
Weeman likes his chew toys
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